Friday, 24 February 2012

I keep reading this over and over again and ask myself so why not step out
of your boundaries and always explore and try new things? Whats holding you back?
Im surrounded by all sorts of people everyday, the conservative the open the wild the tame
the loud the quiet and its usually the ones who are original that stand out. And what i mean
by original is that individuality and originality of oneself, the freedom to wear speak and act
the way your comfortable with (within reason of course) and its so surprising to see so many
people get it wrong where they follow fashion, trend or try to be someone they're simply not and
please dont get me wrong because im defiantly not stereotyping. To go where you've never been
is exploring the best side of you, the side that suits you and makes you comfortable with oozing
confidence and wether it works for others or it doesn't, who cares, its what works for YOU. 
Go where you've never been and you'll be surprised with what you see.

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