Friday, 8 June 2012

Rachel Zoe Resort 2013


Rachel Zoe has a particular style – a style that helped define many a starlet on the red carpet, and thus made Zoe herself famous – and she knows its not worth deviating too far from it. We know to expect an inkling of 70s inspired glamour – for resort / pre-spring 2013 it’s manifest in flared-leg pants and retro-inspired blouses and printed shirt dresses. You know there’ll be something for the party-girl-come-sophisticate (black and white tailored pieces and bright ruffled minis), and something that nods to the bohemian (jumpsuits, near-shapeless maxidresses made all the more Zoe by way of their accessories). There’s no obvious or cohesive story to Rachel Zoe’s resort offering, but on meeting expectations of glamour and wearbility, it stands and delivers.

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