Thursday, 6 September 2012

4 ways to wear a classic white shirt

It goes without saying that every girl owns, or at least must own, one good white classic shirt. In conclusion to a lifetime experience of dressing up, the simpler the shirt is, the more versatile it becomes, since you can style it around in multiple ways in order to change its look. Read on to discover how to wear the same shirt in 4 different ways to obtain 4 completely different looks.

Let it Hang: Top off a pair of slim trousers with the classic shirt, allowing it to rest over the waist belt. Opt for a slim fit bottom since the top is a loose one. Add one of those on-trend leather harnesses to compensate between classic and edgy.

Tuck in the Front: One of the top style tips this year is to tuck in only the front of your shirt, allowing your belt to show. This little details also serves as a trick to highlight your waistline when you’re dressed in loose volumes on top and bottom.

Bunny Ears: It wasn’t too long ago when we were tying up the front of our shirts into bunny ears. Go for a sporty look by pairing your bunny-eared shirt with fitted pants and a satchel.

Bralet-Like: Last but definitely not least, the trendiest way to style your classic white shirt is to tie it up high into a big bow, turning it into a bralet. Wear a pair of wide-leg high-waist trousers and allow a couple of centimeters between the shirt and trousers to show.

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