Friday, 30 March 2012

Killer Pumps

If I get ask to commit murder for a million dollars id most defiantly say NO but if someone said that i need to kill for those pumps then id most defiantly say YES in a heart beat. For those who know me or following my blog you would have guessed by now that i love my sequins, glitter, studs or anything outrageous and you would know for a fact that im more then happy to kill for a pair of pumps like these. The problem is i can just close my eyes and picture myself in an amazing off the shoulder figure hugging white dress with a sleek pony tail bright lips and of course rocking those shoes. YES this picture is crystal clear and on that notion i call out to all my amazing fashionista's to blame Fashion Oracle for the temptation and go out there and give yourself a glistening treat today and embrace the weekend (because im going to)... xFO

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