Thursday, 12 April 2012


Ive had a crazy couple of weeks juggling between work, shoots, travels, blogging and everything in between so im sorry if i havnt been in touch. But amongst all this i never forget the most important things to me which are my passions and my dreams so finally i have a spare few minutes at my desk to vent.

Do you ever wake up in the morning and wonder to yourself "what next?"... well i do almost every morning.

As i rolled out of bed this morning in this unexpectedly cold weather we've been having in Sydney to brace myself for another day of work i asked myself that question (again) and im very fortunate to have all the love and support i need to help keep me going. Blessings to my beautiful mother who's drive is so forceful, its just the type of drive you need to chase everything and anything you ever wanted like a superhero and nothing is ever impossible.

And its true when they say it all comes at once, when the day im needing that guidance not only i get my mother's early morning forces but yet another force from a good friend who called me out of the blue and filled me with motivation, ideas and support and a helping hand. I got off the phone and i felt super lucky.

So the reason behind my blurb this morning is really simple, follow your dreams, and im sure you've heard it a million times before but i can be another person to assure you that it is the only thing that keeps you going. 

To those who are as fortunate as i am to have the support i say grab it, hold on tight, climb over it, bite it or just do what ever it takes to hold on. But to those who dont have that support please reach out, ask, search, speak up and never ever give up because you just never know whats waiting around the corner.

Follow your dreams...


Here is a little love from me to you... x

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