Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Velvet Morning

Kelly Framel is one of my favourite creatures of all time, an incredible stylist; designer; blogger who is a true inspiration. When Kelly Framel started her blog, The Glamourai, back in 2008, there were very few gems like her out there. The Austin-born, Brooklyn-based blogger didn’t necessarily get her start on the net, though. Her career began as an eveningwear designer for Naeem Khan, from which she moved on to work with such notable names as Dolce & Gabbana, Coach, Dior and Ralph Lauren. Her DIY-savvyness is exactly the kind of thing i love, a perfect mix of high/low and old/new. In addition to being a blogstar, Framel also does regular consulting, styling and collaborations for big-time brands like Erin Fetherston, Club Monaco and Forever 21. She’s even done some modeling for Coach and Corello - how chic! Her penchant for prints, polka dots and pretty, lady-like things certainly warms the heart - it’s always refreshing to see a girl who doesn’t do the all-black thing. I've seen plenty of good vintage along the way, but it was Framel’s pieces from Feathers that swept me off my feet.

Long felt lucky to be building a life out of endeavors that excite the imagination, and to collaborate with an ever-changing cast of conspirators ~ each of whom teaches something unique. Abandoned in a grandiose beach house with Jamie and Kevin and a trove of cool clothes above is beautiful piece of collaboration (above). Establishing a quick camaraderie over two favorite things: working hard and telling stories in images it is immediately evident that they both giddily glided down the same rabbit hole: they ate and dressed and dreamed and drank and talked and planned and shot and laughed and lived together. Together, with this beautiful shoot they felt they could make something special, and they defiantly did. Visually they went somewhere new and whispered their shared secrets to us.

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